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Food and Fermentation Industries    2022, Vol. 48 Issue (20) : 98-104     DOI: 10.13995/j.cnki.11-1802/ts.030442
Improving the extraction of heavy metals from aquatic products by enzyme-assisted dual-frequency ultrasound
LIU Xinna, HAO Liling*, XU Fei, CAO Hui, YUAN Min, YE Tai, WU Xiuxiu, YIN Fengqin, YU Jinsong, HUANG Chunhua
(School of Health Science and Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China)
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Abstract  A pre-treatment method based on dual-frequency ultrasonic-assisted enzyme extraction of heavy metal from aquatic products was establish in this study, using protease hydrolysis, cavitation effect of ultrasonic probe and temperature control of ultrasonic water bath. The rapid extraction of heavy metal Cd(Ⅱ) from aquatic products and its products could be achieved within 6 min. The effects of ultrasonic mode, buffer solution type, enzyme dosage, system pH value and solid-liquid ratio on the extraction efficiency were investigated by single factor experiment to obtain the optimal extraction conditions and pre-treatment method. The optimal extraction conditions of cadmium from oyster samples were as follows: ultrasonic mode combining ultrasonic water bath (UB) and ultrasonic probe (UP), Tris as buffer solution, 0.7 g flavoring protease and 0.3 g trypsin as complex enzyme formula, pH 7, solid-liquid ratio 1∶5(g∶mL). Under these conditions, the extraction rate of heavy metal Cd(Ⅱ) from oyster reached 104.76%. Based on the optimal extraction conditions above, the method could be applied in other matrix such as crab meat, hairtail, squid, shrimp and shrimp slide only by changing the power of ultrasonic probe, and the extraction rate of Cd(Ⅱ) reached 75%-110% in those aquatic samples. The pretreatment method could realize rapid and efficient extraction of heavy metal Cd(Ⅱ) from aquatic products and their products. Compared with the strong acid digestion method specified in the national standard, the buffer solution used in this pretreatment was neutral, environmentally friendly, and had good compatibility with the rapid determination of heavy metal ions. It has a broad application prospect in the pretreatment and rapid detection of heavy metal Cd(Ⅱ) in various aquatic products and their products.
Keywords dual-frequency ultrasound      enzyme extraction      cadmium      aquatic products      pre-treatment     
Issue Date: 18 November 2022
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