About Journal

Food and Fermentation Industries (F&FI, CN 11-1802/TS, ISSN 0253-990X) was founded in 1970 and published semimonthly, which is the first scientific and technological journal in the Chinese food industry. F&FI is a Chinese core journal, under the charge of China National Light Industry Council and sponsored, edited, and published by China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries Co. Ltd. and China Information Center of Food and Fermentation Industries (FFIC). F&FI focuses on the interdisciplinary of food and fermentation, including research papers on food science and engineering, fermentation engineering, bioengineering, food safety, engineering design, and other aspects, as well as reviews on the development trends and industrial innovation of food and fermentation science and technology at home and abroad. There are 8 columns, including special monographs, research articles, functional and healthy food, production and scientific research applications, engineering design and practice, analysis and testing, reviews and special comments, and teaching forums. Its influence ranks the top three among the 50 food journals in China. F&FI represents a high academic level in the field of modern food and fermentation in China and has built an excellent platform for scientists and R&D teams in the interdisciplinary field of food and fermentation to exchange the latest scientific and technological achievements and industrial innovation. 


Since its inception, F&FI has more than 40 000 authors, published more than 18 000 scientific papers, and approximately 4 000 national scientific research projects. In 2021, the number of articles published in F&FI reached 1 115. In recent years, F&FI has been continuously selected into Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database (CSTPCD), Guide to Chinese Core Journals, and China Periodicals Phalanx. In 2021, F&FI was the only Chinese food journal selected into zone Q1 of the World Journal Clot Index (WJCI), coming out in front of the domestic food journals. Moreover, F&FI has been included in international databases, such as Scopus, Chemical Abstract (CA, USA), Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA, UK), Centre for Agriculture Bioscience International (CABI), and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST, Japan).

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