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食品与发酵工业  2021, Vol. 47 Issue (9): 307-313    DOI: 10.13995/j.cnki.11-1802/ts.025599
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芦楠, 李宇虹, 陈宁, 张成林*
(天津科技大学 生物工程学院,天津,300457)
Advances on metabolic engineering of L-isoleucine and its derivatives
LU Nan, LI Yuhong, CHEN Ning, ZHANG Chenglin*
(College of Biotechnology,Tianjin University of Science and Technology,Tianjin 300457,China)
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摘要 L-异亮氨酸属于分支链氨基酸,是一种生糖兼生酮氨基酸,为人体8种必需氨基酸之一,广泛应用于医药、化妆品、食品等诸多领域。工业化生产L-异亮氨酸主要采用谷氨酸棒杆菌和大肠杆菌发酵法合成。该文分析比较了谷氨酸棒杆菌和大肠杆菌L-异亮氨酸的生物合成途径及代谢调控机制;尽管二者代谢途径相同,但关键酶多样性及其调控方式存在差异;在此基础上,从解除关键酶反馈抑制作用、切断或弱化支路代谢途径、修饰转运系统以及增强辅助因子的供应4个层面综述了L-异亮氨酸及衍生物代谢工程改造策略,旨在为其生产菌株的选育提供参考。
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关键词:  L-异亮氨酸  生物合成  代谢改造  谷氨酸棒杆菌    
Abstract: L-Isoleucine belongs to the branched chain amino acids. It is also a glucogenic and ketogenic amino acid. As one of the eight essential amino acids for human, it has been widely used in medicine, cosmetics and food industries. L-Isoleucine is industrially produced via fermentation method by Corynebacterium glutamicum and Escherichia coli. In this study, the biosynthesis pathway and metabolic regulation mechanisms of L-isoleucine in C. glutamicum and E. coli were compared. Despite the similarity of the two pathways, there are differences in the diversity and regulation modes of key enzymes. Furthermore, metabolic engineering strategies for production of L-isoleucine and its derivatives were overviewed on removing the feedback inhibition of key enzymes, blocking or weakening the branched pathways, modifying the transport system and enhancing the supply of co-factors, aiming to provide references for breeding production strain.
Key words:  L-isoleucine    biosynthesis    metabolic engineering    Corynebacterium glutamicum
收稿日期:  2020-09-07      修回日期:  2020-10-09           出版日期:  2021-05-15      发布日期:  2021-06-03      期的出版日期:  2021-05-15
基金资助: 国家自然科学基金项目(31300069,31770053);中国博士后科学基金项目(2017M611170,2018T110662)
作者简介:  硕士研究生(张成林副教授为通讯作者,
芦楠,李宇虹,陈宁,等. L-异亮氨酸及其衍生物代谢工程研究进展[J]. 食品与发酵工业, 2021, 47(9): 307-313.
LU Nan,LI Yuhong,CHEN Ning,et al. Advances on metabolic engineering of L-isoleucine and its derivatives[J]. Food and Fermentation Industries, 2021, 47(9): 307-313.
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