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食品与发酵工业  2021, Vol. 47 Issue (15): 220-227    DOI: 10.13995/j.cnki.11-1802/ts.026288
  生产与科研应用 本期目录 | 过刊浏览 | 高级检索 |
戴志伟1, 张玥1, 伊力夏提·艾热提1, 严宏孟1, 殷思思1, 李芳2, 孔令明1*
1(新疆农业大学 食品科学与药学学院,新疆 乌鲁木齐,830000)
2(新疆轻工职业技术学院,新疆 乌鲁木齐,830000)
Characteristics of prunes pulp fermented by lactic acid bacteria
DAI Zhiwei1, ZHANG Yue1, YILIXIATI·AIRETI1, YAN Hongmeng1, YIN Sisi1, LI Fang2, KONG Lingming1*
1(College of Food Science and Pharmacy,Xinjiang Agricultural University,Urumqi 830000,China)
2(Xinjiang Institute of Light Technology,Urumqi 830000,China)
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摘要 以新疆“女神”西梅为原料,探究保加利亚乳杆菌、嗜热链球菌、植物乳杆菌、瑞士乳杆菌发酵西梅浆过程中总酸含量、色差、总酚含量、体外抗氧化活性等变化,并分析指标间的相关性。结果表明,植物乳杆菌和保加利亚乳杆菌在以西梅浆为基质中,产酸性能较好,可使发酵果浆保持较高的红度;植物乳杆菌和嗜热链球菌有较好的抗氧化能力。4株乳酸菌在发酵过程中DPPH自由基清除率和ABTS阳离子自由基清除率呈下降趋势,但均高于对照组。在西梅浆乳酸菌发酵过程中抗氧化能力由体系的综合环境决定;体系的颜色受环境pH的影响。综上所述,植物乳杆菌更适合西梅浆的发酵,该研究可为西梅发酵饮料或果酱等产品的开发提供依据。
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关键词:  西梅浆  乳酸菌  发酵  抗氧化活性    
Abstract: This research used prunes named “Empress” in Xinjiang as raw materials to explore the changes of titratable acid content, color difference, total phenol content, DPPH free radical scavenging rate etc. The fermentation of prunes pulp by Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus helveticus were analyzed. The results showed that L. plantarum and L. bulgaricus had better acid-producing performance in the prune pulp, which could keep the fermented pulp high in redness. L. plantarum and S. thermophilus had better antioxidant capacity. The antioxidant activity of DPPH and ABTS of showed a downward trend during the fermentation process by four lactic acid bacteria, but higher than control. The antioxidant capacity was determined by the comprehensive environment of the fermentation system, and the color was more affected by the environmental pH. In summary, L. plantarum was a more suitable bacterial for the fermentation prunes pulp. This research could provide a basis for the development of prunes fermented beverages or jams.
Key words:  prunes pulp    lactic acid bacteria    fermentation    antioxidant activity
收稿日期:  2020-11-27      修回日期:  2021-01-06           出版日期:  2021-08-15      发布日期:  2021-08-23      期的出版日期:  2021-08-15
基金资助: 民族特色果蔬制品关键技术开发与示范项目(2016A01001-2)
作者简介:  硕士研究生(孔令明教授为通讯作者,
戴志伟,张玥,伊力夏提·艾热提,等. 四种乳酸菌发酵西梅浆的特性研究[J]. 食品与发酵工业, 2021, 47(15): 220-227.
DAI Zhiwei,ZHANG Yue,YILIXIATI·AIRETI,et al. Characteristics of prunes pulp fermented by lactic acid bacteria[J]. Food and Fermentation Industries, 2021, 47(15): 220-227.
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