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食品与发酵工业  2021, Vol. 47 Issue (24): 308-313    DOI: 10.13995/j.cnki.11-1802/ts.027653
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邓伶俐1,2,3*, 罗仕园1, 谭林立3,4, 安建辉1,2,3
1(湖北民族大学 生物科学与技术学院,湖北 恩施,445000)
2(生物资源保护与利用湖北省重点实验室(湖北民族大学),湖北 恩施,445000)
3(超轻弹性体材料绿色制造民委重点实验室(湖北民族大学),湖北 恩施,445000)
4(湖北民族大学 新材料与机电工程学院,湖北 恩施,445000)
Research progress of the emulsifying properties of biopolymer
DENG Lingli1,2,3*, LUO Shiyuan1, TAN Linli3,4, AN Jianhui1,2,3
1(College of Biological Science and Technology, Hubei Minzu University, Enshi 445000, China)
2(Hubei Key Laboratory of Biological Resources Protection and Utilization (Hubei Minzu University), Enshi 445000, China)
3(Key Laboratory of Green Manufacturing of Super-light Elastomer Materials of State Ethnic Affairs Commission (Hubei Minzu University), Enshi 445000, China)
4(School of Advanced Materials and Mechatronic Engineering, Hubei Minzu University, Enshi 445000, China)
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摘要 天然高分子因具有良好乳化特性被应用于构建食品乳液体系及改善食品体系乳化稳定性。该文首先简要介绍了传统乳液和一些新型乳液的结构类型,然后针对明胶、玉米醇溶蛋白、乳清分离蛋白和酪蛋白等蛋白类天然高分子,阿拉伯胶、果胶、瓜尔豆胶、微晶纤维素、淀粉等多糖类天然高分子进行了详细介绍,主要涉及传统乳液及Pickering乳液和乳液凝胶等新型乳液。同时,对蛋白-多糖美拉德反应复合物形成过程及近年蛋白-多糖美拉德反应复合物乳液体系研究进行了简要介绍。最后结合分析了天然高分子作为乳化剂在食品领域的发展趋势。
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关键词:  天然高分子  乳液稳定性  蛋白  多糖  美拉德反应    
Abstract: Biopolymers has been applied in the food industry for emulsifying and improved emulsion stability. The structure of the traditional emulsions and typically sophisticated emulsions were illustrated and the mechanism of emulsion instability was discussed. Protein-based biopolymers (gelatin, zein, whey protein, casein) and polysaccharides-based biopolymers (gum Arabic, pectin, guar gum, microcrystalline cellulose, starch) as emulsifiers were reviewed. Besides, the formation of protein-polysaccharides complex and related researches about the emulsion preparation and stability were introduced. Furthermore, the present review explores some potential applications in relation to the biopolymer emulsifiers in food industry.
Key words:  biopolymer    emulsion stability    protein    polysaccharide    Maillard reaction
收稿日期:  2021-04-12      修回日期:  2021-04-19           出版日期:  2021-12-25      发布日期:  2022-01-21      期的出版日期:  2021-12-25
基金资助: 湖北省自然科学基金(2020CFB204);湖北省重点研发计划项目(2020BAB078);湖北民族大学高水平科研成果校内培育项目(PY20017);生物保护与利用湖北省重点实验室开放基金项目(PT012002);超轻弹性体材料绿色制造民委重点实验室开放基金项目(PT092010)
作者简介:  博士,讲师(本文通讯作者,
邓伶俐,罗仕园,谭林立,等. 天然高分子乳化特性研究进展[J]. 食品与发酵工业, 2021, 47(24): 308-313.
DENG Lingli,LUO Shiyuan,TAN Linli,et al. Research progress of the emulsifying properties of biopolymer[J]. Food and Fermentation Industries, 2021, 47(24): 308-313.
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