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Notice on "China & Europe Food and Beverage Consumption and Innovation Forum" in Cologne, Germany
Notice on Attending Anuga in Cologne, Germany
Good News | "Food and Fermentation Industry" was successfully selected as the T1 category of the "Cl
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Governing Body: China Light Industry Council
Organizers: China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries
China Information Center of Food and Fermentation Industries
Editor-in-chief: Chi Cheng
Associate Editor-in-chief: Su Yao
Editor-in-charge: Yongjie Yao, Xin Li, Ye Li, Yawei Chen, Rui Li, Ling Dong
Editor: Xintian Wang, Guoxiao Sun, Yue Zheng
English Editor: Yawei Chen, Guoxiao Sun
Issuer: Fang Liu
Frequency of Publication: semimonthly
Place of Publication: Beijing
ISSN 0253-990X
CN 11-1802/TS
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2023 Vol.49 No.24

2023 Vol.49 No.23

2023 Vol.49 No.22

2023 Vol.49 No.21
2022 Vol.48 No.24  pp.1-359   2022-12-25
2022 Vol.48 No.23  pp.1-364   2022-12-15
2022 Vol.48 No.22  pp.1-352   2022-11-25
2022 Vol.48 No.21  pp.1-356   2022-11-15
2022 Vol.48 No.20  pp.1-344   2022-10-25
2022 Vol.48 No.19  pp.1-344   2022-10-15
2022 Vol.48 No.18  pp.1-344   2022-09-25
2022 Vol.48 No.17  pp.1-356   2022-09-15
2022 Vol.48 No.16  pp.1-174181   2022-08-25
2022 Vol.48 No.15  pp.1-356   2022-08-15
2022 Vol.48 No.14  pp.1-360   2022-07-25
2022 Vol.48 No.13  pp.1-364   2022-07-15
2022 Vol.48 No.12  pp.1-336   2022-06-25
2022 Vol.48 No.11  pp.1-344   2022-06-15
2022 Vol.48 No.10  pp.1-332   2022-05-25
2022 Vol.48 No.9  pp.1-340   2022-05-15
2022 Vol.48 No.8  pp.1-119127   2022-04-25
2022 Vol.48 No.7  pp.1-332   2022-04-15
2022 Vol.48 No.6  pp.1-332   2022-03-25
2022 Vol.48 No.5  pp.1-4046   2022-03-15
2022 Vol.48 No.4  pp.1-320   2022-02-25
2022 Vol.48 No.3  pp.1-330   2022-02-15
2022 Vol.48 No.2  pp.1-316   2022-01-25
2022 Vol.48 No.1  pp.1-334   2022-01-15
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