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Notice on "China & Europe Food and Beverage Consumption and Innovation Forum" in Cologne, Germany
Notice on Attending Anuga in Cologne, Germany
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Organizers: China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries
China Information Center of Food and Fermentation Industries
Editor-in-chief: Chi Cheng
Associate Editor-in-chief: Su Yao
Editor-in-charge: Yongjie Yao, Xin Li, Ye Li, Yawei Chen, Rui Li, Ling Dong
Editor: Xintian Wang, Guoxiao Sun, Yue Zheng
English Editor: Yawei Chen, Guoxiao Sun
Issuer: Fang Liu
Frequency of Publication: semimonthly
Place of Publication: Beijing
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Notice on Attending Anuga in Cologne, Germany

(First round of notification)

Anuga 2023 is scheduled for 7 to 11 October, the trade fair will again be staged at Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre. At the invitation of Koelnmesse GmbH, China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Food Institute) will organize the participation in Anuga and hold the First China & Europe Food and Beverage Consumption and Innovation Forum and Industrial Exchange Tour. From the perspective of science and technology empowerment, this group aims to deeply perceive the change in the world food industry and accelerate the internationalization process of China's food technology industry. With the continuous growth of China's economy, a wide variety of ingredients and food around the world have gradually entered China, enriching the diversified options of Chinese cuisine. We believe the activities will be established with such an internationalization development and also be corresponding to the fruitful achievements of China's "Belt and Road" construction. We sincerely invite you to participate. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

Ⅰ. Overview of Anuga 2023

Anuga is the world's largest food and beverage industry trade fair, which is held every two years and has a history of 100 years. Anuga 2023 covers an area of around 284,000 m2 in 10 theme exhibition halls and a comprehensive hall. At present, more than 7,000 companies from more than 100 countries and regions have signed up for Anuga, including more than 600 Chinese enterprises. This year, Anuga is expected to attract a large number of professional visitors and buyers from more than 200 countries/regions around the world.

Anuga is known as the trend barometer of the global food industry and has the reputation of "global knowledge leader" in the field of food science. It is common for professors and students of food majors from universities in Europe, food R&D personnel and food company leaders to visit Anuga. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Chinese enterprises were absent from Anuga 2021. After four years, Chinese enterprises returned and show a strong willingness to participate, and it is reported that the Chinese exhibitors are close to 8% of the total number of exhibitors.

Ⅱ. Activity arrangement

1. Exhibition Group

In 2023 Anuga, China Food Institute and China Sinolight International Holdings Corporation Limited will jointly set up the "Sinolight International Holdings Co., LTD Food Exhibition Group". At present, the recruitment work of the Exhibition Group composed of 13 companies led by China Food Institute has been successfully concluded and set up in Hall 1. The rest of the companies are from Beijing, Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Fujian, China, and their business fields involve condiments, ready-to-eat foods, dried fruits and vegetables, convenience foods, canned foods and freeze-dried foods.

2. VIP Exchange Group

The Chinese food discipline is supported by the world's largest higher education and scientific research system. More than 800 institutions of higher learning have set up food-related majors in China, of which 299 are first-level undergraduate colleges in food science and engineering, 70 are first-level master's degree colleges, 30 are doctoral degree colleges, and 3 are world-class discipline colleges (Jiangnan University, China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology), and there are more than 100 research institutes engaged in food and agricultural products processing. In the 2022 Soft Science World Class Discipline Global University ranking, food science and engineering disciplines occupy the top 10 places, and Chinese universities occupy eight of them. China's food industry ranks first in the world, with nearly 40,000 food and agricultural products processing scale enterprises. Therefore, the organizing committee of Anuga specially entrusted the China Food Institute to invite food experts and professors from Chinese universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to form a VIP international exchange group to visit Germany to jointly promote the exchange and development of the world's food science and industry. VIP exchange group size is set at 30 people, until full. We sincerely invite you to participate.

3. The First China & Europe Food and Beverage Consumption and Innovation Forum

The First China & Europe Food and Beverage Consumption and Innovation Forum will be held in Cologne on October 8 during Anuga, where professors, experts and entrepreneurs from VIP Exchange Group will be invited to the forum to conduct food-related academic communication, the forum's agenda includes the following sections: Food Industry Development in China and Europe, Dairy Consumption Trends, Probiotic Foods, Post-Pandemic Foods, International Alcohol Consumption Trends, Traditional Fermented Food, Functional Food, Plant-Based Food, Organic Food, Meal Kits (Prepared Food), New Food Raw Materials, Food Standards and Management, Food Additive Management Regulations, Food Processing, Intelligence and Digitalization of Food Enterprises, etc. The forum is officially supported by Anuga, and relevant information and sponsor advertisements can be viewed on the official media websites of the organizers.

Host Units:

China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries Co., LTD

Koelnmesse GmbH

Support Units:

China Information Center of Food and Fermentation Industry

International Joint Research Center for Quality and Safety of Alcoholic Beverage

China Council for Brand Development-China Food Brand Cultivation Base

Food and Fermentation Industries (academic journal)

Guidance Units:

China Light Industry Group Co., LTD

China Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Promotion Association

National Food Management Center of China Light Industry

Sponsor Units:


4. Industrial Exchange Tour

In order to learn more about the current situation of European food research and industry during Anuga, we arranged the industrial exchange tour:

Anuga (Cologne, Germany) -Arla Foods Deutschland GmbH (Hamburg) - University of Leipzig (Leipzig) -Krones AG (Regensburg)- Technical University of Munich (Munich); Time: October 5-12.

III. Notes for Application

We sincerely invite you to participate. Please fill out the attached "Registration Form for Group Visitors to Germany" before July 25, 2023, and send it to Please name the file as "name + working unit".

IV. Participation Fee

China Food Institute is responsible for the organization of the group. After receiving the registration form, the participation fee will be verified and charged according to the wishes of the representatives and the number of applicants.

V. Registration and Contact

For more information, please feel free to contact MS. SUN Guoxiao through E-mail at and by phone at 010-53218339; 18910789167.

Yours Sincerely,

China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries Co., LTD

July 11, 2023

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